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preparation for power outages

In Texas we are no strangers to power outages, and grid failure. Installing solar panels and batteries allow you to generate energy with solar and store it in your batteries to help keep your house running during an outage.

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Enphase battery storage

We offer multiple Enphase Battery options for our customers. Texas residents can now save $2,100 off each solar battery when you choose Defined Solar.
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storz power battery storage

Storz Power offers multiple solar battery options, that are powered with AI technology that allow you to get the most out of your solar panel batteries.
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tesla powerwall 3 battery stroage

Tesla Powerwall 3 solar batteries are equipped with the latest solar battery technology to power your house at night, and provide backup power when needed.
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Solar Battery Insalltions provide backup power to your home

Areas like Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin are exposed to sever weather than can leave you and your family without power

Regardless of whether you rely entirely on a utility company or have already installed solar panels, power outages can still impact your home or business.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue: solar battery backups.

If you’re opting for solar power with a grid-tied setup, integrating solar panel battery backups is a great option to protect your home from backouts, energy-grid attacks, or sever weather.

Solar Panel Battery

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GET $2,100 off Each solar battery

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Solar Battery FAQs


If you already have solar panels on your house, we can easily add solar backup batteries to your house. 

We will evaluate your current systems energy production, equipment and find the best battery backup option for your needs.

Absolutely, in fact solar batteries come highly recommended by us to help reduce usage at night from the electric grid and provide backup power to the home when you need it the most.

Solar Batteries allow you to store excess energy your solar panels produce, and help power your home every night when the sun goes down.

The cost of a solar battery can range from $5,000 – $15,000 per battery depending on which battery you choose. 

Of course, we offer a $2,100 solar battery price discount on each battery you install to help reduce the cost of the batteries.

Solar Battery Loans make it easy and affordable for Texans to install batteries with $0.00 out of pocket expenses!

Typically, a 10-kWh solar battery can power your home’s essentials for 24 hours, if you are not running your AC unit, or electric heater.

10-kWh of battery storage is typically 2 solar batteries, and can provide enough back up power to keep the majority of your house running while the grid is down. 

Typically, we find that a whole-home battery backup system is anywhere from 3-5 batteries or 20kWh of battery backup storage. 

Every solar battery has different capabilities, and we find that a 20Kwh battery system from Storz Power offers the most connectivity and sustainability for whole-home backup.