Save Money Today With Solar Power Purchase Agreements

Beat your electricity providers rate with a Solar Power PPA!

Solar Power Purchase Agreements allow you to go solar without the upfront investment.

Don’t sweat the big stuff with Solar Power Purchase Agreements.

Solar Power Purchase Agreements offer an innovative approach to home energy management for those who value the financial and environmental benefits of rooftop solar in Texas but want the ease of an affordable monthly plan.

Predictable Monthly Payments:

Unlike other solar options, a Solar Power PPA gives you monthly payments that are stable. Secure a fixed, affordable monthly rate for solar energy and enjoy consistent savings on your home’s power costs.

Installation and maintenance included:

When you get a Solar PPA, you assume no responsibility for its installation, maintenance, and servicing, all provided to you at absolutely no cost.

95% production guarantee:

With a PPA agreement solar, if your solar panels don’t meet our 95% Production Guarantee, we’ll credit you the difference. This gives our customers ultimate peace of mind.

25-Year Protection Plan:

Get peace of mind with a comprehensive protection program, included with every solar power purchase agreement we offer! This means, if your solar panel system needs a repair, we cover the entire cost!

See how our Solar PPA can save you money today.

Unlike traditional solar financing options, there are no investment costs to recoup, loan payments to manage, or maintenance needs to take on. As soon as your panels are active, your solar savings are too!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Assess: After assessing your household’s energy consumption and current electricity rates, we’ll analyze your solar savings and create a customized solar system and energy plan perfectly suited to your home’s needs.
  2. Install: Once you approve the solar design, we will submit for permits, HOA approval, Permission to Integrate with utility company, Install, and turn on your solar energy system to start saving you money.
  3. Save: Our Solar Power Purchase Agreements are designed to save you money immediately. Our goal is to slash your energy rate by 40-50% to put more money in your pocket!
  4. Grow: Watch your savings compound over time, the unique thing about Solar PPA’s are that since there is not an upfront investment you can save more money by powering your home with solar energy.

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Solar Power Purchase Agreements

Track everything from your personal solar app.

Unlike many other solar monitoring services, our energy plan centralizes everything into one inclusive price.


  • Get real time updates on your solar energy production.
  • Real time savings from your solar panel’s energy.
  • Make monthly payment easily inside your app.
  • Track your projects install progress and know exactly what’s happening.
  • Connect with customer support.




Leave the equipment and solar installation to us.

We design, install, and maintain every solar PPA solar energy system for a stress-free experience. We offer the lowest risk solar option in Texas that pays huge rewards.

Your Solar Power Purchase Agreement includes:

  • Detailed Solar Design and Reports.
  • Premium Solar Panels in Solid Black
  • Enphase IQ8 Micro Inverters for optimum performance.
  • Permitting, and Installation.
  • 25 Year Protection Plan
  • 95% Cashback Guarantee on Energy Production.
  • AI Intelligent Issue Detection
  • 24/7 Customer Support.
  • Lowest Solar Energy Rate.


Texas Energy Rates are Skyrocketing, save more when you plan ahead.

Energy Rate Increase in Houston Tx

It’s no secret that energy rates in Texas are on the rise.

To protect yourself from skyrocketing energy rates, we will diligently design a solar energy system that can cover your electric needs and lock in your savings today.

Your Solar Powered PPA offers long-term flexibility.

If a 25-year energy plan feels like trying to predict the future, we get it!

That’s why with our solar power purchase agreements, flexibility is the main focus.

Easily transfer your agreement if you choose to sell your home or get access to buyout options starting in year five.


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