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Mission Solar Panels are some of the best solar panels, built tougher than industry standards and are made right here in Texas. At Defined Solar, we provide multiple different Mission Solar panels to fit your energy needs. Our #1 best selling panel from Mission Solar in their MSE PERC BLK 385w and 430w, which gives you a modern all-black design and compact size!

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Sleek Low Profile Black Solar panels

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built tougher than industry standards

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25 year equipment warranty protection

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mission solar perc technology

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The PERC 60 features PERC technology which allows for more energy generation than traditional solar panels. With PERC, a “passivation layer” is added to the rear of the cell so light can be better captured throughout the cell. This layer also has reflective properties that allows light to bounce off the passivation layer and elsewhere into the cell. This produces additional energy (see illustration). The more power mission solar modules produce, the more money you save. This makes mission solar panels price affordable.

we enhance your mission solar panels sytem by including:

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cash-back guarentee on production for 10 years

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25 year equipment warranty protection

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40 year workmanship warranty protection

how strong are solar panels from missions solar?

Did you know that you can drive a tank on top of your mission solar panels? Did you know that every batch of solar panels made by Mission Solar Energy are tested for Fire, Hail, and Extreme Freezing conditions?

On top of Mission Solar Energy making one of the strongest solar panels in the world. We offer additional insurance from Omnidian Solar Performance to give you more peace of mind!

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frequently asked questions about mission solar energy

Well, listen up, folks! You won't believe the sweet deal Mission Solar Energy's got going on. Right here in good ol' San Antonio, Texas, they're cranking out top-notch solar panels. And guess what? You're pocketing some serious cash because you're not forking over dough for shipping those panels from halfway across the globe, dealing with tariffs, and all that jazz.

Get this – when you snag a free design from one of our solar whisperers, you'll realize the insane amount of money you can stash away by slapping some Mission Solar panels on your house. 

Installing solar panels on your house here in Texas is like hitting the jackpot, and here's the lowdown.

With the blazing Texan sun doing its thing, you're looking at some serious energy production. That means you can kiss goodbye to those hefty electricity bills and say hello to energy independence!

Now, let's talk savings. Our local Texas climate is practically doing a happy dance for solar energy, and when you pair that with Texas' energy rates, it's a match made in heaven.

You're not just saving money; you're practically making it rain savings.

So, if you're thinking about going solar in the Lone Star State, you're not just making a smart move for the planet – you're making a savvy financial decision!

Oh, you curious soul! Mission Solar Energy has been strutting its stuff in the renewable energy game since 2012. Yeah, that's right – almost a decade of making the world a sunnier, cleaner place. These guys have been rocking the solar scene, churning out top-notch panels right here in the heart of Texas. So, whether you're in it for the green vibes or just want to save some green in your wallet, Mission Solar's been doing its thing for quite a while now. It's like the Ryan Reynolds of solar – timeless, charming, and always bringing the energy!

Let's chat about the great ball of fire in the sky. You see, the sun's like the ultimate rock star – rises every single day, never takes a sick day, always ready to throw some light our way. And that's where solar power comes into play – it's the superhero of energy sources, totally renewable, dependable, and cleaner than your grandma's kitchen floor.

Enter Defined Solar, We kicked off the whole "solar-craze" in Texas. They had this vision of a planet powered by the sun, where every American gets their hands on affordable, reliable, and squeaky-clean energy. It's like giving the Earth a spa day, minus the spa music.

Now, picture this: residential solar setups aren't just about saving money today; they're an investment in the future. We're talking about saying 'buh-bye' to those dirty power sources like oil, coal, and natural gas, which, let's face it, are not exactly the poster children for eco-friendliness.

And here's the kicker – solar panels and home batteries are like the cool kids on the block, getting more affordable, accessible, and efficient. They're your guardians of energy, keeping the lights on when life throws a tantrum and storms start flexing. Forget about those unpredictable utility bills; Sunrun's got your back with fixed, affordable rates for a good two to two-and-a-half decades.

So, with home solar, you're not just catching rays; you're controlling your energy destiny. It's like having the sun in your pocket, minus the sunburn. Shine on, my solar-savvy pals

Alright, buckle up, homeowners! Your crib's solar potential is like a fine wine – it depends on where it's at, how it's angled, the shade it catches, and, of course, its age. It's like matchmaking, but for your house and the sun.

Now, enter our solar whisperers – the dream team of solar advisors. These folks are like the Sherlock Holmes of solar, sniffing out clues about your home's solar compatibility. They've got this nifty tool, Aurora™ a solar design wizard that's more magical than a unicorn riding a rainbow. They'll whip up a custom analysis of your digs, checking out the lay of the land and figuring out your energy cravings.

So, if you're wondering whether your place is ready to rock the solar vibes, let our solar maestros do their thing. It's like having a solar-savvy detective squad for your home. Let the solar adventure begin!

First off, we're all about personalization. Your home solar system is like a tailored suit, made just for you. We dig into your past energy habits, check out the roof space you're working with, and throw in a bit of your design flair. It's like crafting a solar masterpiece that's as unique as your taste in superhero movies.

Step one: We dissect your historical energy habits to create a solar setup that's your perfect power match. No overkill, just the right amount of juice based on your usual energy shenanigans.

Step two: We channel our inner spy – satellite imagery time! We scrutinize your roof, figuring out how many panels can cozy up on each plane. And hey, heads up – south-facing roofs are the solar VIPs, catching the most rays in the game.

Step three: We don our hard hats and do a site survey – a superhero-style home visit. We're on a mission to measure up your roof and peek at the main electrical panel. Precision is our middle name.

Step four: We circle back to you, my friend. We want you in the loop. We'll reconfirm our solar symphony with you, so you know exactly how it'll look and how much solar electricity goodness you're about to soak up.

Oh, and if you're itching to know more about the efficiency of your panels or want a sneak peek of the solar tech that'll be gracing your abode, chat it up with your trusty sales consultant. They've got the inside scoop!

Your solar journey is about to get as stylish as a Deadpool costume. Let's make your home the blockbuster of the neighborhood!