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Storz Power AI+ packages boast flexible home energy options that can power just your essentials or your whole home, regardless of size, in the event of a power outage or emergency. The Storz Power lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) battery and inverter matched with the Smart Access controller are what makes our AI+ packages the most flexible, safe, and powerful energy storage systems that exist today.

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Storz Power’s Artificial Intellegence (AI) technology enables you to do more with less, and be a batter steward of utilizing Earth’s natural resources. AI+ technology enables efficiency & reliability when you need it the most.

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DC coupled configurations are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners looking to install new solar panel systems. This type of configuration offers greater energy efficiency than an AC-coupled setup. Best of all, DC-coupled configurations allow for the integration of batteries and battery inverters into the system, allowing for more energy storage and increased energy independence. Batteries can be integrated into a DC-coupled solar panel system in two ways: either as a grid-tied battery or as an off-grid battery.

The installation of a new solar power panel system in a home presents an opportunity to take advantage of AC coupled configurations. In these setups, batteries can be incorporated to provide energy storage with great storage capacity, enabling homeowners to harvest and store the energy produced by their solar panels for later use. This helps to ensure that home energy consumption is maximized and that energy costs are kept as low as possible. Additionally, AC-coupled configurations can help to minimize the amount of wasted energy that is produced by a solar panel system.

If you already have an existing solar panel array but want to add battery backup capacity as well as additional power, this can be done through a combination of AC-coupled and DC-coupled solar panel systems. When you AC couple your existing PV array and DC couple the new PV array you added, you’ll get the best of both worlds, reduce installation costs, and increase your energy performance and efficiency. These batteries for home solar systems, even though finding the best solar battery can be increasingly challenging, can end up saving the day if there’s a power grid outage or problems with your local energy supply.



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While Storz Power energy storage systems have many unique differences, which include more than just the battery, let’s talk about why batteries are needed. Solar panels give you power to use produced from the sun only during sunlight on a sunny day. Storz Power Batteries allow you to store energy produced from those solar panels on those sunny days to be used efficiently later during peak energy hours, on a cloudy day, at night, in a power outage, off-grid, or however you choose. Storz Power’s unique AI+ technology allows this stored energy to be used in the most efficient way. Energy independence for everyone is one of Storz Power’s main initiatives.

Defined Solar is a leader in installing off grid solar systems in Texas that can provide you with an array of options specifically tailored to your energy needs. We help homeowners in Houston, Dallas, and everywhere in between install battery backup systems to go off-grid, and power their homes, shops, and ranches. 

Our team of energy experts are ready to assist you in finding the best system for your individual demands and providing you with a tailored solution that meets both your budget and your energy requirements.

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