We strive to best the best solar company in texas

We take great pride in being a local Texas Solar Company that serves families in Houston, Dallas, Forth Worth, Austin, and San Antonio!

When you choose to install solar panels with Defined Solar, you are providing sustainable careers for local Texans across the state! Naturally, being Texans our go to solar panel to install is Mission Solar who manufacturers all of their panels in San Antonio!

meet the owner of defined solar

That’s me, the proud owner who wears many hats (sometimes literally). When I’m not chasing the thrill of the hunt or casting a line into the great unknown, you can catch me in the saddle, working with horses that rival my own charisma. 

Beyond the wild outdoors, I’m not just the owner; I’m on a mission. A board member on a non-profit, fighting alongside veterans against the shadow of suicide, because heroes deserve more than just a salute. 

And, of course, I’m that guy with a pack of well-trained dogs. But here’s my real passion – helping folks like you go solar, because sustainability is the new frontier, and I’m here to lead the charge.

 Let’s light up the world, one solar panel at a time!

meet the owner of solar company in texas
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what we do & who we serve

At Defined Solar, we’re not just your run-of-the-mill solar company – we’re your friendly neighborhood solar heroes, right here in the heart of Texas. We’re not some faceless corporation; we’re your neighbors, taking care of homes and ranches across our great state.

Our mission? It’s simple. We’re on a quest to deliver top-notch customer service, absolute transparency, and most importantly, saving you some hard-earned cash the second those solar panels kick into gear. We’re not just here to light up your homes; we’re here to light up your wallets too!

Now, why do we do it? Well, we’re not just in it for the high-fives and sunshine, though those are pretty great. We’re on a mission to build a future that’s not just sustainable for this incredible planet of ours, but for your bank account too.

We’re like your financial superheroes, swooping in to rescue you from those pesky energy bills.

But hold on, we’re not just about business – we’re about community and camaraderie. We’ve got our boots on the ground, giving back to our roots. We team up with awesome non-profits like Raptors & Rifles, because we love our Veterans! And let’s not forget the Arbor Day Foundation – we’re all about keeping things green and thriving.

So, y’all, if you’re looking to power up your homes, save some green, and be part of a community that’s making a real difference, saddle up with Defined Solar. We’re not just changing the game; we’re rewriting the solar saga, one Texas-sized smile at a time

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We go above and beyond for our customers

industry leading Solar Panels

Here at Defined Solar we never stop innovating, and we are always ahead of the curve with the latest solar panel technology. We offer over 15 different solar panel companies to tailor a system to your needs.

24/7 System Monitoring

With every solar panel installation, you will have an app on your phone to see how much power you’re making, using, and saving in real time, or view reports from a period of time. Change your system settings and get important service messages.

competitive solar prices

We understand that everyone has different needs. That's why at Defined Solar we offer different solar panel financing options to help maximize your savings, and put more money in your pocket. Take advantage of our $0 solar loans, leases and PPA options today!

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