What is ecostella?

Most homeowners would be upset to learn that their HVAC systems aren’t very efficient. 

The average AC unit can lose as much as 30% of the energy they produce, meaning every time you spend $100 on power to operate your HVAC system, you’re losing $30. Over time, that adds up to a lot of money you probably don’t want to spend for no reason.

Ecostella has been used by some of the biggest brands in commercial applications over the past decade, and now it is available for you!

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What does ecostella do?

Ecostella works by optimizing your HVAC fan to ensure that it captures all the energy from the coil before it gets into your home. 

Ecostella also works by maintaining your home’s temperature longer which delays the next time your system needs to turn on. This decreases overall run-time and energy usage. 

The secondary function of Ecostella is to turn off your compressor when your HVAC system’s coil is fully energized, eliminating unnecessary run time and energy usage.

save money on electricity

how ecostella works with solar panels

It’s no secret that energy prices are increasing every year. That is why so many homeowners across Texas are switching to solar panels to power their homes. 

When you install an Ecostella unit to help optimize your AC unit, it allows you to use less energy from your solar panels.

Allowing you to get more energy from your panels to power other parts of your home, or send more surplus electricity back to the grid.