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A Generac backup generator is your safeguard in Texas. Operating on either natural gas or liquid propane, our generators are installed outdoors, much like an air conditioning unit. This backup power solution seamlessly connects to your building’s electrical system, ensuring vital areas and appliances stay powered during storms, construction, or any unforeseen events. Don’t be left in the dark – trust Generac to keep your home or business running smoothly in Katy, Texas!

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the best-selling brand of home backup generators.

No need to stress about manually starting and stopping your Generac backup generator. Standby generators can initiate and cease operations automatically as required!

When you get a Generac Generator, it runs on your existing natural gas or liquid propane supply. Making back up power hassel free.

With a standby generator from Generac, you can say goodbye to the hassle of extension cords. Your Generac backup generator ensures safe power delivery directly to your electrical panel. Depending on the installed unit, emergency power can be distributed to specific areas or the entirety of your home or place of business.

Absolutely! Having solar panels doesn’t rule out the option of getting a Generac generator for backup power. In fact, it can be a smart combination. While solar panels generate electricity during sunny days, a Generac generator can serve as a reliable backup during power outages. This way, you ensure a continuous power supply, combining the benefits of both solar and backup generator systems. It’s a comprehensive approach to keeping your home or business powered up under various conditions.

We also offer solar battery backup storage, too!

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48kw generac backup generator

Are you prepared for the next disaster?

400,000+ without power during 2023 winter storm

Don’t be left in the dark freezing– trust Generac to keep your home running nice and warm during our Texas winters.

30 days without power during hurricane harvery

It took over 30 days in some areas of Houston to restore electricity back to residents. Be prepared when disaster strikes.

higher than ever risk for cyber attacks on our energy grid

Cyber threats pose a significant threat to the Texas energy grid. Making a generac the best safeguard for your family.

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