380w meyer burger solar panel

meyer burger solar panels are swiss engineered & made in the usa

Meyer Burger panels offer the most aesthetically pleasing solar panels that have a sleek mono-black design to spice up any roof.

Their premium technology keeps its strength longer than any panel available. After 25 years, Meyer Burger Solar Panels maintain 92.5% of their original strength.

experience the most exclusive solar panel

top rated solar panel in 2024

Meyer Burger has been rated one of the top solar panel companies in the world for 2024. Experience a luxury unlike any solar panel has offered before with Defined Solar and Meyer Burger!

out last every other panel

The brightest minds in the world developed the longest lasting and most powerful solar panel to withstand the test of time. Every Meyer Burger solar panel will maintain 92.5% of its original strength over 25 years!

sleek mono-black design

When it comes to having an aesthetically pleasing solar panel. No one does it better than Meyer Burger. Their triple mono-black design gives their panels a unique high-quality finish that no other panel offers.

get a customized meyer burger design for your house

Meyer burger 380w solar panel

a premium solar panel

  • Generate clean, reliable energy, almost loss-free, for decades with our gold standard product quality that includes highly efficient solar cells.


  • Step out of the shadow with our patented SmartWire Connection Technology (SWCT®) that reduces shading on solar cells by up to 30%, leading to even greater energy yields.


  • Choose our enhanced proprietary heterojunction technology (HJT) and benefit from greater efficiency with unique cell structures that combine various silicon layers.


  • Meyer Burger’s commitment to sustainability offers their solar panels 100% free from toxic lead, ensuring a safe solar panel for your home.

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