Tesla Powerwall 3

Protect Against Power outages

Powerwall, an all-in-one battery system, stores solar energy to safeguard your home during grid outages. It senses power disruptions, supplying backup energy to power your home and electric vehicle. It replenishes itself using sunlight, ensuring uninterrupted operation for your appliances for extended periods.

Tesla Power wall 3 expectaitions

Tesla Powerwall stores solar energy to keep your power on during outages. It helps you achieve energy independence and save money by using solar energy day and night.

With whole-home backup, you can power your entire house during emergencies.

Manage your system easily through the Tesla app to meet your energy goals. Powerwall 3 is a versatile solar and battery system designed for your home’s needs, offering more power in a single unit and easy expansion for future requirements.

It features an integrated solar inverter for high efficiency and can be added to existing solar setups or used on its own.

Tesla Powerwall 3
Tesla Power Wall Installer

Monitor and Optimize Your Energy with Tesla App

With the Tesla app, you can keep a real-time check on your solar energy usage. Customize your settings to prioritize energy independence, safeguard against outages, or maximize savings.

Contribute to grid stability during peak demand or potential outage periods by redistributing surplus energy. Manage your system effortlessly with remote control and receive immediate notifications, no matter where you are.

Tesla powerwall 3 Specs


13.5 kWh


11.5 kWh continuous


11.5 kWh continuous

185 LRA motor start

Seamless back up transition


Up to 4 Powerwall Batteries


L x W x D

43.25 in x 24 in x 7.6 in

287 lbs


Integrated inverter

Integrated System Controller

-4°F to 122°F


10 years

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