2024 Comprehensive Guide to Installing Solar Panels in Katy TX

Adding solar panels in Katy, Tx offer huge savings on electricity bills, and your carbon footprint. In fact, the average Defined Solar customer can save over $90,000 by just powering their home with solar panels.

In our comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about installing solar panels in Katy, including maximizing your savings, design, permits, warranties, understanding the installation process to see if you can power your home with solar energy.


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1: How to save money with Solar Panels in Katy, Texas.

You’ve might have seen over the past 2 years more and more of your neighbors turning to solar energy to power their homes here in Katy, TX.

It’s no surprise that solar panels will save you money in the long run, but what about saving you money on electricity immediately?

One of the greatest benefits about going solar is having the ability to power your home cheaper than what retail energy providers like TXU, GEXA, RELIANT, etc. can offer. In fact, most of our customers tend to save over 40% in their first year going solar here!

Today, the market retail rate for a house that consumes 1,200 kWh a month is right around $0.15/kWh + $0.04 in delivery fees equaling $0.19/kWh consumed at your house.

Energy Rate Increase in Houston Tx

Our customers who go solar with either a Solar Loan, Solar Lease, or Solar PPA average around $0.09 – $0.13 /kWh from the power their solar panels produce.

In just 25 years, it’s typical that a house consuming 1,200 kWh of energy a month can save over $90,000 by just powering their home with Solar Panels.

Houston Solar Panel Savings

Defined Solar offers over 200 different financing options for Katy, TX residents to install solar panels. Learn more about our solar financing options here: Solar Loan, Solar Lease, Solar PPA.

2: How many solar panels do you need to power your home in Katy, Texas?

The most important factor when requesting a solar quote or understanding how many solar panels your house needs is to first know how much energy your home consumes annually.

How many solar panels does my house need

Without knowing your energy consumption, it is almost impossible to determine how many solar panels you would need to cover your energy needs. You can request this from your energy company or locate this on a recent energy bill.

Unfortunately, we have all heard about customers who are paying monthly for solar panels in Katy TX, and still pay a hefty amount to their energy provider. This is largely due to the solar company not getting this crucial piece of information from their customer.

Once you have your energy demands, the next thing to do is request a free design for your home, our experts will run multiple reports with LIDAR, Sun Path, Shading, and pull a heat index report on your roof.

Solar companies katy tx

Once our design team has ran all the proper reports to determine how many solar panels you need.

We will carefully design a solar panel system around your exact energy needs with the best solar panels, inverters and/or batteries based on our data.

Our goal is to optimize every solar design for maximum performance, sun exposure, and immediate savings for you.

Our design software can accurately predict your month-to-month savings and determine how many solar buyback credits you could accumulate.

Houston Solar Panel Installer


3: Get the best Solar Warranties and Protection Plans for your Solar Panels in Katy, Texas.

Just like any home improvement project, you want to make sure you have the best warranties, protection and guarantees for your new solar panels.

When you install solar panels in Katy with Defined Solar you automatically get:

  • 25 Year Warranty on Panels, Inverters, and Equipment.
  • 40 Year Workmanship Warranty.
  • 10 Year Roof Penetration Warranty.
  • Third-Party Protection Program through Omnidian.
  • 95% Cashback Guarantee’s on energy production through Omnidian.
  • 24/7 Customer Service & Support Line.
  • 100% Covered Maintenance & Labor.


We want to make sure all of our customers have peace of mind for their new Katy solar panels, and know they have the best solar warranties, and protection plans available.

4: The Installation Process of Installing Solar Panels in Katy TX.

After you have approved your design, picked the best solar purchase plan, and have been approved.

The next steps in installing solar panels are:

Perform a Site Survey:

We inspect the homes wiring, structure, roof, and shading. One of our professional staff members will meet you at your house to perform the survey. This takes around 15 to 20 minutes. The survey information will be submitted to our engineering department to review for approval.

We hold the right to reject any property due to structure, shading, and/or wiring.

Submit Enginering Plans to Homeowner:

Once a project has passed our site survey, our engineer team will promptly put together plans for your approval. The plans will showcase our installation plans, equipment, and more.

Submit for Permits & HOA approval:

Upon your approval of engineering plans, our team will do all the permit applications and work directly with your HOA. This is a hands-off step for homeowners, and once we receive approval you will automatically be alerted.

Submit for PTI (Permission to Operate) with Utility Company:

This step happens at the same time we submit for permits, and for HOA approval. We cannot install solar panels on your house until we have been granted PTI from your utility company (Center Point, Texas New Mexico, Entergy, etc). From application submission, we usually get approval within 7-10 business days.

Schedule Solar Panel Installation:

Once we have the approvals for permits, HOA, and PTI. One of our project coordinators will reach out to schedule a day around your availability to install your solar panels.

Installing Your New Solar Panels: 

On install day our crew will arrive in the morning to start their day. The crew will install your solar panels, inverters, and connect everything into your meter. The average Katy, Tx solar panel system takes around 4-6 hours to install. Upon leaving we will let you know everything has been completed, go over any additional questions, and explain how everything works.

Submit for PTO (Permission to Operate): 

Either the same day, or the day following your installation. We will submit to the utility company for permission to operate. We cannot turn on your solar panels until the energy utility company gives us permission to do so! Once we are granted PTO, we will remotely turn on your solar panels and let your savings begin!

Set Up Monitoring Services via Mobile App: 

One our team members will help you download your solar app so you can have 24/7 access to your solar panels production, savings, and more!

Find The Right Energy Buy Back Plan in Katy:

After your panels are turned on, one of our team members will help find the perfect Solar Buyback Plan for you. Every buyback plan can be different, so we like to hold our customers hands in the selection process to ensure you get the most amount of savings possible! Great Katy Solar Panel Buy Back Plans: TXU, GEXA, CHARIOT

4: The Sun Goes Up and The Bills Go Down.

That’s it! You are done.

After we have helped you pick the best Katy Solar Panels buyback program, you can sit back and relax knowing that your saving money! Our customer support team will check-in with you regularly to see how you are loving your system, and to help be of any assistance if needed.

Our protection programs include 24/7 diagnostic monitoring, so if we notice anything out of the ordinary (shading, a panel underperforming, etc.) we will issue a service ticket immediately and let you know we will be out to service your system.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can navigate the process of installing solar panels in Katy with confidence, knowing that you’re making a smart investment in both your home, finances, and the environment!

Learn more on how you can go solar for as low as $52/month in Katy, Texas.



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