How To Benefit from a Free Nights Energy Plan with Solar Panels

Hey there, folks! So, you’re thinking about installing solar on your home in the great state of Texas, huh?

Well, let me tell you, you’ve got options! I’m talking about multiple solar net metering buyback programs just waiting for you to dive into.

But hey, I get it. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out which plan is the right fit for you. Texas, with its open grid market, gives you the power to choose your retail electric utility provider. And guess what?

Some of these providers offer something pretty sweet: free nights energy plans.

Now, these free nights plans? They’re not just for the lucky ones with solar systems.

Nope, they’re for everyone, including those without solar panels. But here’s the kicker – if you’ve got solar panels and batteries, you can truly benefit the most with a solar panel free nights program.


How do Free Nights Energy Plans Work:

Alright, listen up! If you want to squeeze every last drop of value out of that free night’s plan, you got to tweak your setup to match, and I mean optimize, your energy usage.

We’re talking about fine-tuning your system with some time-based controls, so those batteries discharge at just the right moments.

Picture this: your batteries and solar panels teaming up to tackle those pesky high-cost kilowatt hours that you’d otherwise be slurping from the grid.


By strategically charging those solar batteries up during the free energy windows. Genius, right?

Now, when those free times roll around, it’s your chance to shine – quite literally.

Fire up those appliances, even the heavy-duty ones.

Morning, usually between 7:00 to 8:00 a.m., tends to be prime time for free energy. And after that? Well, that’s when your solar panels kick into high gear, batteries fully juiced, giving you that sweet, sweet free energy independence when grid power comes with a premium price tag.

What Solar Batteries we recommend:

You can virtually do this with any solar battery that gives you the ability to control when to use your batteries.

Companies like Enphase, Tesla, Franklin, Storz Power all give you the ability to optimize your battery settings for ultimate savings!


Best Energy Companies That Offer Free Nights Plan: 

So here is where things get tricky…. Picking the right Free Nights Plan to save the most money with your solar panel & battery system.

Luckily for you, we made it easy and gave you the best plans for anyone on the CenterPoint Grid, or Oncor Grid.

  • Amigo EnergyThey now offer their “Nights Free” plan on a 12-month contract with a solar buy back credit of $0.03/kWh. Free Energy from 9pm – 7am.
  • Just EnergyOffers their “Free Nights” plan on a 12-month contract with a solar buy back credit of $0.03/kWh. Free Energy from 9pm – 7am.
  • Green Mountain Energy: Offers a Free Nights Energy Plan, they deliver renewable energy to your house at night for free from 8pm – 6am.




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